Figub Brazlevič – Moabit: From Ghettos To Galaxies (2LP, Ltd, Re)


Label: Krekpek Records
Art.Nr.: KREKPEK001
Released: 20.05.2020
Format: LP
Pressung: DE – Original
Inkl. Signed Poster

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Expedition Vol.1 & Keats Vol.1” are “Moabit: From Ghettos To Galaxies

Figub Brazlevič needs no introduction – his unique trademark sound is one of a kind. For many years he has been globetrotting, networking and releasing countless records – many of which are rare collectors’ items nowadays.
In 2020 the Berlin-based beat maker is hitting the stores with „Moabit – From Ghettos To Galaxies“. This 2LP compilation is a very special release that shouldn’t be misunderstood. It features all tracks from two previous projects “Expedition Vol.1 & Keats Vol.1” , as well as another exclusive “Man Of Booom” Instrumental.
Originally released in two super rare, strictly limited vinyl editions, both albums became instant classics. Being sold out for years and only available fat horrific prices on Discogs, Figub is giving the music back into the hands of all of his fans. This should by no means let down the first hour collectors! It rather counters the development of record traders making enormous profits off of limited records – with no share for the artists themselves.
With that being said… Records are for the people! Figub is for the people! So get your copy, sit back & enjoy this sonic trip: Moabit – From Ghettos to Galaxies.

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Dimensions 34 × 34 × 0,5 cm