2033 – Mother In Peace (MC)

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Label: Krekpek Records
Katalog: KREKPEKMC001
Format: TAPE (MC)
Pressing: DE – Original


Venomous2000 & Chinch 33 are 2033.

“It’s the year 2033. And here at the Corporate Institutional Bank of Time, we find ourselves reflecting. Finding out that, in fact, we came back. We were always coming back… Sound familiar? The two art avengers Venomous2000 and Chinch 33 have created a full length that is nothing short of a timeless classic. With all production & cuts handled by Chinch 33 and all lyrics by Venomous2000 (except guest verses by King Light and legendary Tame One & El Da Sensei aka the Artifacts), „Mother in Peace“ is an obeisance to underground hiphop in rare form. Bold sample chops & heavy drum driven beats are embraced by the rhymes & flow of the UltraEmcee, transmutation through brand new statements. 2033. „Mother in Peace“ will be released on limited cassette and streaming – Krekpek Records


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