Krekpek – Button Pusher Vol. 1 (LP)

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Label: Krekpek Records
Art.Nr.: KREKPEK002
Released: 2021
Format: LP
Pressung: DE – Original

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BUTTON PUSHER Vol. 1 shows the essence of what Krekpek Records stands for and is setting the bar to another level at the same time. 
The label around founder and mastermind Figub Brazlevic has changed in recent years, so Figub and Krekpek’s very own Sátyr came up with the idea of combining these structural changes and the status quo of beat-making in one compilation.
The Krekpek family has grown and all new members are represented on this record with their trademark sound:
Sátyr, Jules Hiero, Duuq, Raz-One, Dope est Dope, the intern, KOE The Flavekid & Radsch.
Old hands who have convinced beat-heads with their releases on Krekpek in the past are also part of the game: as usual, HTN & Beamic serve crispy beats that will make your head nod. Figub Brazlevic also won Jay Spaten for this project, who has already made a name for himself as part of the duo Schaufel & Spaten. Lastly, the contribution of Sunny Sun from Slovenia on the record shows that music & Krekpek knows no borders. But beware: those of you who expect nothing but 90’s boom-bap will be taught a better lesson.
Overall, BUTTON PUSHER Vol.1 shows the variety of instrumental hip-hop music and brings the soundtrack for your summer. Prepare for 100% dopeness.
Mastering by Figub Brazlevic
Artwork by Spade53/TCK
Art Direction by Anna Berroth

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